Are you feeling stuck?

Having difficulties in your relationships?

Difficulties at work?

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy can help.

Natural Lifemanship is Trauma Focused Equine Assisted PsychotherapyTM that utilizes the relationship between an individual and a horse to correct problematic relationship patterns individuals develop after experiencing significant traumatic event(s). Underlying these patterns are inaccurate and sometimes damaging assumptions/beliefs people have about themselves, others, and the world.

By engaging in Trauma Focused Equine Assisted PsychotherapyTM individuals are able to challenge and change these inaccurate assumptions and beliefs and create new, accurate and positive core beliefs that can lead to healthier patterns of interactions in their lives.

Although Natural Lifemanship was developed as a model to help individuals who have experienced trauma, the principles taught in Natural Lifemanship are beneficial to all individuals who want to have better relationships with themselves, and others.

If you want to learn about yourself and improve your relationships give Rebecca a call at 512-337-3347 .

Rebecca J. Hubbard is a Master's level Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and a certified clinician and equine professional in Natural Lifemanship. Her business is Rebecca J. Hubbard, PLLC.

She specializes in providing psychotherapy for individuals who have experienced traumatic events. Her private practice is limited to adults who either do not have children or have adult children.

She provides Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (TM)  on Saturdays in Hutto. She sees only a few individuals at this time.

Build the skills to develop trusting relationships

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Services Provided
Comprehensive mental health assessment
Individual therapy

Cost of Services
Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment  $275
45-50 minute Individual Therapy $150
90 minute Individual Therapy- $200
*sliding scale available

Forms of Payment Accepted
Credit Card


Call 512-337-3347 to set up services

equine assisted psychotherapy Rebecca J. Hubbard MS, LMFT
equine assisted psychotherapy Rebecca J. Hubbard MS, LMFT

Growing Strong Together

Increase emotional regulation and connection

equine assisted psychotherapy Rebecca J. Hubbard, MS, LMFT

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Improve your confidence and ability to relate to others

Rebecca J. Hubbard, MS, LMFT