All eleven-year old Pip wanted was a best friend. When Pip gets a horse for her birthday she is delighted.  She thinks that the horse she names Buck will be her best friend from the moment that they meet. But she finds out that friendship does not come that easily. Her father gently guides her so that Pip can discover for herself how to make Buck a true friend.

Pip's new friend, Buck, has a story of his own. After leaving his own herd, to move to Pip's house, he is looking for a relationship that will help him feel safe. He, too, learns that making a friend takes patience and understanding.

The Gift

Rebecca J. Hubbard, MS, LMFT, TF-EAP-D


The Gift was born out of Rebecca's love for horses and the beauty of their friendship. It is a therapeutic story that can also simply be read as a children’s book. The Gift is available in e-book format, as well as paperback.

The Gift was a finalist for the People's Book Prize in Children's Fiction 2015-2016 and a finalist in the IAN Children's Fiction Book of the Year Award.

The Gift is illustrated by Krickett Kingand is published by Ravenswood Publishing.

The book is available through Amazon and signed copies are available at Natural Lifemanship.