Growing Strong Together

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The Gift by Rebecca J Hubbard... Nice book, well written, and I highly recommend it. Click here to read more

Anne-Marie Reyonlds for Reader's Favorite

The Gift Reviews

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I loved this sweet and unique book! What a wonderful way to teach children about horses, friendship and patience! I adored the way the second half of the book is told from Buck's POV. Brilliant! I highly recommend The Gift!

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Susan Barton for Goodreads

Rebecca brings all her years of experience to understanding children and people who have been through serious difficulties. In this book she brings healing with love, compassion and understanding for anyone who has suffered or struggles.

This is an amazing book, beautifully written and illustrated.

Such a touching read! It will be adored not only by children who love horses, but also by parents looking for ways to help their children better understand friendship and trust.

This a a great book for horse crazy kids....but it is also good for counselors, teachers, parents and anyone working with kids and their relationship challenges.

The best part is that the story is also told from the horse, Buck's, point of view.

While The Gift was written as a children's book, it is also a great book for parents to learn the Natural Lifemanship principles for building a great relationship with their children.

This is a wonderful story that teaches valuable lessons about friendship. Can't wait for more from Ms. Hubbard!

I love the illustrations!!

So glad to promote this wonderful book and it's wisdom.

Rebecca has a rare gift of her own -- incredible insight into and understanding of the thoughts, feelings, motivations, and actions of children. This is evident in her portrayal of Pip, and Pip's initially frustrating but eventually rewarding determination to befriend her horse Buck. This book is both entertaining and a valuable tool to help children (and adults) better understand that forming genuine and lasting friendships can require patience and empathy, but that the resulting connection and bond is well worth the effort. "The Gift" has an unusual dual perspective (providing Pip's AND Buck's points of view) that allows the reader to gain an even more thorough understanding that everyone (people AND animals) perceive and interpret the actions of others in different
ways, even those made with the best of intentions.

So much healing potential in this book!

Beautiful book!

A great book for all ages not just kids. I thought the writer had a good handle on not only Pip but Buck as well. I lived reading both viewpoints, that of the little girl but also her horse. A great concept!

This book artfully shows relationship principles in a way that resonates with children and adults! What a gem!

What a beautiful way to explain so many great concepts in such a concrete way. Fantastic!

A wonderful story sharing a beautiful relationship and what it takes to create it.

Wonderful book! A great read for all ages.

Important book about relationships.

An important beautiful book!

Amazing book, great story and teaches kids so much about horses and the way they think!

Rebecca J. Hubbard, MS, LMFT

The Gift is a beautiful story about friendship, patience and acceptance. The interesting use of perspective gives it a refreshing quality to children's literature genre. A highly recommended resource to help children navigate relationships.


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The Gift is a lovely story for young readers, and delightful in its simplicity.   This story is about understanding, companionship, patience, and love.

Very nicely done. Click here to read more

Jane Finch for Readers’ Favorite.

The Gift by Rebecca Hubbard is a charming children’s book that educates and entertains. It also teaches its readers a thing or two about making friends. Click here to read more

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