"The Gift is a beautiful story about friendship, patience and acceptance. The interesting use of perspective gives it a refreshing quality to children's literature genre. A highly recommended resource to help children navigate relationships."

Melissa (a review taken from Amazon.com)

Reviews of The Gift

"Loved this book!!! will use it with kids in therapy and general use as well."

Eboni Jones (taken from Amazon.com)

"I loved this sweet and unique book! What a wonderful way to teach children about horses, friendship and patience! I adored the way the second half of the book is told from Buck's POV. Brilliant! Buck's descriptions of Pip as a "pipsqueak," with a black mane and screechy voice made me chuckle. I'm certain children will get a kick out of this.

It's obvious that Rebecca Hubbard knows a lot about horses. I'd never thought about seeing things from a horse's perspective, but it makes perfect sense when it comes straight from the horse's mouth. I could definitely see The Gift used as a stepping-stone when teaching children in a classroom setting, prior to beginning riding lessons or simply one on one at home. The illustrations are lovely and wonderful accompaniments to the story. I highly recommend The Gift!"

Review by Susan Barton for Goodreads

"Wonderful story. My daughter loved it!"

Sara Bryan (taken from Amazon.com)

Rebecca J. Hubbard, MS, LMFT, TF-EAP-D

"The Gift by Rebecca J Hubbard was a nice story. It was unique told in two halves, first from Pip's point of view and then from Buck's. The way the story is written will appeal to children of all ages and some will even find the second half funny, with some of the descriptions that Buck uses to describe Pip! I liked the addition of the illustrations as they help to bring it to life. There are also a few lessons in life for children to learn here, about how to make true friendships. It was a good move on the author's part to write a story in two parts, from two points of view, as it shows children that there are always two sides to everything, two viewpoints from which to see a situation. Nice book, well written, and I highly recommend it."

Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reyonlds for Reader's Favorite

Rebecca Hubbard's animal story for children and preteens, The Gift, presents the meeting of a young girl, Pip, and Buck, her new horse friend, through the perspectives of each of them, and it works wonderfully. I enjoyed following Pip as she figures out how to behave around her new friend, and loved the support and comments her father would make as she works things out. Reading Buck's take on things afterwards builds a whole new dimension to the tale as the reader learns a bit about how horses react to people and differentiates the dangers they're genetically programmed to respond to. Krickett King's illustrations are a brilliant fit for the story and show the growing friendship between horse and girl perfectly. The Gift is highly recommended for horse lovers of all ages.

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite