Kindness in a Scary World

a children's book about terrorism

Growing Strong Together Series

Information for parents and professionals

Rebecca J. Hubbard, MS, LMFT, TF-EAP-D

Kindness in a Scary World is a story told from the child’s perspective about seeing on television the aftermath of an act of terrorism. The story is gender-neutral, allowing for each child reader/listener to connect with the child in the story. The story normalizes the child's and family’s response, provides a child-friendly explanation of why terrorism occurs, and shares an avenue for taking action that reduces the child’s fear. This story improves parental understanding a child's point of view, and empowers parents to help their child feel safe, and to give them an opportunity to correct any misunderstandings that their child may have about what they witnessed. This book will serve as a useful tool for parents or any adult who needs to discuss terrorism with children.