"It's evident that Rebecca loves what she does and she cares about everyone who steps into her office. This process has helped me to grow. It was completely and totally worth it."

Young Adult

"It's been a truly amazing experience. You will be greatly missed by us."

Parents of an older school age boy.

"Rebecca understood, supported and encouraged me in times I was not sure I could continue. She helped make my son's big worries smaller and helped him find his body, his feelings and the courage to share his big heart."

Adoptive Mom of a young child

"Thanks Ms. Rebecca for everything!!!! You gave my baby girl so much life by all you have done for her. I always brag to everyone how special of a therapist you are and how you truly have changed my daughter's life. Without you giving her the tools needed we would be at a loss."

Adoptive Mother on an older teen

When an adult, child and/or family graduates from services they are encouraged to write a note in the graduation book for others to read who might be afraid of going to therapy. Below are some of the notes that have been left over the years.

Rebecca J. Hubbard, PLLC

Healing from the inside out

"Rebecca made a huge difference in the lives of our whole family. Her love, patience, & determination has helped ALL of us & we will be forever grateful for her help."

Mom of a school aged child

"Going through a situation involving your children is the worst thing a parent could ever feel. Seeing your child hurt, confused, and angry just adds salt to an open wound. When we started this journey my child was not a child anymore. She was always scared of people and became introverted. Ms. Rebecca has been our light at the end of a dark tunnel. With her methods of healing and genuine love and compassion, my daughter has come leaps and bounds. I have never been more thankful for an awesome person. Rebecca has helped us so much, words could never say how much our family has healed and how much my daughter has overcome!"

Mom of a older school aged child

Notes To Each Other

"Rebecca is great! If you allow her to help you u will get better. :) "

Young Teen

Rebecca J. Hubbard, MS, LMFT, TF-EAP-D

"Listen to your child as she plays and you will be able to understand your child, her fears and her needs much better than you would be able to on your own. It is a window into your child's soul."

Parent of a young child

"This was easily the best thing we could have done for our child. I understand and relate to my daughter in ways that I suspect few fathers do. Totally worth it." Adoptive Father of a young child

"I thought therapy was the worst thing in the world. But I found a therapist that could related to me. Rebecca adapted to my learning style to help me. She will help you, so tell her anything!"

Young Teen